Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dally Winston
Dally has hair that’s so blonde its almost white. With eyes as blue and full of hatred as ice. He has an ealish sort of qualities. He lived in New York before. He had been to jail, he had seen the street violence, he had seen it all. He has dangerous sort of personality. When in the mood he can have an attitude that may cause him trouble. I believe that nick roux would be a good person to play dally. I believe that he fits my description as I view him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Bit Matthews
Two Bit Matthews is a fun loving wise cracking guy who has to have his say in everything. He has reddish brown hair and sideburns. He is about 6’0 and has a stocky build. The person I think that should play Two Bit Matthews is Kellan Lutz. I believe that Kellan Lutz would be a good person to play him because he looks like him and I believe he would have the same fun loving personality.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Soda from the book the outsiders is a very fun loving character. He seems to be able to brighten the room with a few smiles and has the ability to make anyone laugh. He has blonde hair that is greased back and has a slimmer figure than Darry (his older brother). He is described as handsome, not just like that but superstar handsome. I believe that Justin Beiber would look very similar to soda. I believe that Justin would act like soda in familiar ways without trying.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ponyboy Curtis
Ponyboy Curtis doesn’t seem to use his head much, but he will always have his gang. The greasers. He has two older brothers their names are soda and Darry. He is the youngest of his brothers, he is only 14. He tends to smoke quite abit. He has long blonde hair that is greased back. He has greyish green eyes even though he hates to admit it. Ponyboy Curtis is pure at heart. He gets good grades but lacks at using his head. I believe that Zac Efron would make a good Ponyboy. He has those childish looks and the purity as Ponyboy. He is how I imagine Ponyboy to look like from the outsiders.
The character Darry from the book the outsiders is a greaser. He has been forced to take responsibility for his two younger brothers Ponyboy Curtis and Soda when their parents died in a car wreck. He has been trying to pay the bills and look out for his younger siblings since. The twenty one year old is six ‘two and has a stocky build. He has dark brown hair. His bluish green eyes are hard and not playful like his brothers.  I imagine Darry to look like Ian Somerhalder. Ian Somerhalder has the same facial features as I would imagine Darry to. He is able to shield his emotions from others as Darry doe. He is exactly what I imagine darry to be like down to the way he can portray certain emotions.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Buying a car
I am a 32 year old married female that lives in L,A. with two teenage kids. I am a waitress at a local restaurant and my husband is a architect our monthly income is $7250.72. I live in a three bedroom house . I am willing to spend $30 000 on a vehicle . I need a vehicle that is gas efficient and is able to transport my family safely to where we need to go. I want a vehicle that is durable and can withstand the outdoors.
Toyota Prius 2011

  • $27 160
  • fuel efficient
  • lots of space
  • automatic starter
  • security system
  • good for in the city
    Ford Fiesta 2011
  • 40 mpg
  • fuel efficient
  • good in city and wilderness
  • 7 custom airbags
  • automatic starter and lock system
  • security system
  • $15 670

Kia rav5 2012

  • fuel efficient
  • $22 608
  • lots of room
  • fold down seats
  • security system
  • good for in the city or in wilderness

2013 Malibu Chevrolet
  • automatic starter
  • touch screen radio (I pod adapter, gps. Weather updates)
  • fuel efficient
  • very nice interior
  • fast
  • good for anywhere
  • $25 995
  • fold down seats
  • heated seats